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02-17-2013, 02:52 AM
End-game escort for DPSing... Well if ECs are no object to you, then get a Jem'hadar Attack Ship off the exchange. Best possible PvE escort. However if ECs are a problem, as long as you are in a fleet, just get the Fleet Patrol Escort. Tanky as hell, perfect BOff layout for full cannon & turret build, and overall a great ship. If you don't have ECs but have a lot of Zen, get the Tac Escort Retrofit or the Multi-Vector Advanced Escort Retrofit. Both ships are great for damage output. However if you are restricted to freebie escorts only, MY OPINION ONLY, get the Patrol Escort. Tanky, and deals wonderful damage.

Now for a build... Well basically you want cannons and turrets (dual heavy cannons are better than dual cannons, turrets in rear), and you want two copies of Tactical Team 1, multiple cannon rapid fires/cannon scatter volleys, and multiple attack pattern betas.

As engineering goes, Emergency Power to Shields 1, and Auxiliary to the Structural Integrity Field 1.

As Science goes, Hazard Emitters and Transfer Shield Strengths.

Specific ship builds to follow when I am more awake.
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