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02-17-2013, 05:12 AM
@cecil08: First I want to thank you for your feedback.

When designing this series I am looking at it as if it was a TV miniseries or a stand alone game. You could look at Part 1 as a prologue and Part 2 as the true beginning/opening, where a lot of characters will be introduced, that's why you have the chance to meet so many the first time you go aboard the Curtiss. Those the the major characters you'll be interacting with for the rest of the series, including the pilots, and they will each have a part to play in development of the story.

When writing the rest of this series, I plan to have it that there are reminders as to who someone is so you arn't required to remember who everyone is, but there will be bits for those who do remember things from previous parts (i.e. Rosalino's sneezing). If desired I can make a list here as to the main characters who you really need to pay attention to.
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