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02-17-2013, 06:22 AM
My most recent "lulz" in Ker'rat involved the following.

Typical restart spawn camp.
Typical change in numbers that breaks up the spawn camp.*
Finding a Vesta that was involved in part of that camp engaged with the Borg. Ahem, decloaking and delivering the fatal blow.
The Zone complaint about KDF not wanting to fight 1v1 from the guy in the Vesta. Yes, this same guy that was moments ago participating in the restart spawn camp.
Finding the guy in the Vesta once again engaged with the Borg. Decloaking, killing the Borg, giving him a moment to heal, and then killing him.
Additional complaints in Zone about KDF.
The guy mindlessly attacking me at the KDF spawn because I've ticked him off, dying over and over to the other KDF that were probably scratching their heads while I just flew around in circles, and getting one of the fastest Kill10's I've ever gotten.

*Funny how that tends to work. Are you a Fed getting slaughtered by KDF? Wait 15 minutes. Are you a KDF getting slaughtered by Feds? Wait 15 minutes. Some of the best play in there, imho, takes place during the moments between those shifts where things are almost equal in there.