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02-17-2013, 07:32 AM
depends if your a fed or KDF

-Story missions give like 6-8k exp a mission, some of the best rates of exp right there.. O.o
-there is a plethora of PVP related missions *kill 10fed ships* etc, running around ker'ret will normally yield some exp depending on how many players are online

Entering regular planets normally gives you a "side" mission, which is mostly *destroy 5 groups* or *scan 5 objects* these missions normally give 2-3k exp if memory serves, and can be done fairly quickly.

-Mirror universe is a good exp boost, but bare in mind that at lower levels, its easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of terran ships and the lack of player abilities.

-Doff system, once you have access make sure to run some missions, might even be worth running recruitment missions from your respective academy, or pick up some cheap recruitment packs off the exchange.

-Exp boost packs of the exchange, I dont remember the pricing of them, but they can add a bit of exp to your endeavours, depends if the cost meets what you are willing to spend ^^
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