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02-17-2013, 07:46 AM
Originally Posted by zix74itaelite View Post
I just want to share with you guys... I have been playing bridge commander for the last two days, that game brings tears to my eyes... good old straight forward pure fun.
Dude, did you play PVP, how many people were on the server? I need to see if I can locate a CD for that. My disk, long ago, got too scratched up and would not play. The FREE (cough cough...listen up Cryptic) mods make that game totally out of this world and FUN. I love the fact that you can be PVP'ing in one sector of space and wrap out to any number of others for some "hide and seek" fun. Awesome.....

Reply back to let me know. I may try to order it on Ebay or something.