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This mission gives 1st/2nd/3rd place only to ships with dps. In fact, the mission seems to take raw dps and is modified in a minor way by mission objectives completed.

Case in point:

A single very high damage DPS ship can zoom around and kill only the frigates then zoom to the mining facilities and kill ships and finally go hit the final boss cruiser and kill it FULLY before the rest of the team arrives (boss dies as ridiculously fast as the ISS STADI dies now in mirror event...within seconds of spawning).

1st place guaranteed.

A ship that goes around, rescues ALL the freighters then fixes ALL THE MINES, kills a few frigates and ships and helps damage the final boss....

not even third place.

With a premade team I went in and had them all sit and watch. Aggroed all the ships and did a lot of damage with feedback pulse (no weapon fire from me) for nearly 5 minutes then team came and blasted the ships out in one pass.

Same with mining facility. I did not fix mines nor rescue freighters. All I did was sit, take damage and reflect it. TONS OF IT. I did not KILL A SINGLE SHIP. My team killed them and fixed the mines.

1st place.

That is royally messed up. The whole reward/ranking system is based on total dps not on the actual contribution to the map. Its no wonder jemhadar bugs/kdf siege mode ship (forget their name) and defiants go into these mission and just spam aoe not caring about fixing anything. They just run ahead of everyone to add up DPS to get 1st place.

This needs to be fixed and NOW.

Mission objectives should count as the bulk of what determines the ranking system. DPS should be the LEAST influencing factor in scoring. The final boss needs to be made as tough as the borg elite tac cube in elite stf and it should stay within the range of the tractor emitters (all of them) to make the tractor emitters count towards the mission objective (and make THEM hard to kill too).