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02-17-2013, 07:54 AM
Safe Mode gave a little headway but it did not last for long. Apparently, through the latest download, the settings are not at default what they were the first time I had installed. After squinting hard to try to make the buttons out beyond the graphical errors, I found the button I needed to change to make everything crystal clear (for some reason the 60hz was not the default) ... it stayed crystal-clear for about 5 seconds, then the game minimized and when I drew it back up, the graphical errors returned and I was forced to restart my computer. I had launched it a second time, and now it's stopping me on the log-in saying that I need to provide a "1 time code" that has been emailed to me ... well, over the course of 2 hours, I continually checked my email and there was no code ... so even if I wouldn't continue to face technical issues, I would probably have an account issue at this point.

I appreciate all your help, fellow posters, though I think I'm ready to call this quits until I wipe my computer and when I return I will probably just start a new account since apparently something's wrong with this one now. It was only 24 levels, it shouldn't take too long to redo.