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This one seemed to be more than a pain in the butt than i'd prefer it to be, and if i could have done it longer i would have tried to fill in more. It's not quite what i wanted it to be, so sadly not as victorious as i'd originally thought. I did it in a different style as a first attempt at dialog which i admit was a great suggestion because it kind of switched things up a little more for me. It's not as good as i wanted it to be, but they can't all be winners. I would have loved to add in more good cop bad cop as well as add more to the event in question, but it was already running long.

As a side note, i always write these on writing app then copy them over and i'm still having the question marks pop up although this time it was erratic and didn't replace all of the " and ' but just some here and there. It was a bit weird.

Any ways, as always questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome.
Fantastic entry, the format was perfect, and it was fun to read something which was neither log entry nor story, so top marks on that one Only one slight point, and I may have missed it, was that I didn't see a note stating that Johnson had re-entered the room. But other than that, spot on As GulBerat pointed out, Johnson was quite a dislikable bigot, so amusing to think that he's going to wind up going off the deep end, a bit like the unfortunate Captain Braxton