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02-17-2013, 08:17 AM
I sitll have my original copy with box along with Elite Force and the expansion pack. In the day of Elite Force 2, I gave my copy to a friend of mine after I had beat it. I do wish I had kept it though.

Comparing Bridge Commander to STO brings a couple of things to mind and most of which aren't good for STO. Bridge Commander captures what it's like to be on the bridge of a starship, the Enterprise no less, and having a First Officer that is eager to the point where she doesn't shut up! She kind of reminds me of Will Riker when he first put Picard in his place by basically saying, you are to fossilized to go on Away Missions. The voice acting in Bridge Commander was vastly superior to anything we have in STO. Both games are very linear but STO disappoints more in that respect due to the mission structure, leveling, and restrictions. STO tried to capture a feel of progression through the ranks and fails in an abysmal way!

Ther eis one thing that is still missing from this game that players have wanted since the very beginning. We want to command our ships from the bridge! Is is the single largest failure that Cryptic has yet to correct with Star Trek Online. As far as I am concerned though, this game still has yet to make it out of the beta phase based on the disgusting state of the game in it's current state! I blame this on the lack of a love of the franchise from those who make decisions in this game. Bridge Commander plays out like a long episode from the TNG era where STO just throws a ton of the same crap at you over and over until you reach certain levels. Once you reach the max level, there is a regular grind and shafting the playerbase when changing things up. Bridge Commander gives you a sense of satisfaction when you finish it. Even the PvP system in Bridge Commander is far superior to what we have no in STO and that's laughable considering the difference between when the games were released.

I may come off as someone who hates this game and feel free to believe what you wish. Personally, I do like for a few simple reasons. There are a lot of places in STO that I can just visit for the sake of visiting. Risa, DS9, Drozana Station, StarFleet Academy, and so on. We need more of these iconic locations in STO and more to do at them. The variety of costumes is nice but we need more and to be able to mix and match them and the ranks in a much better way. We are finally getting to a point where we have a number of playable ships in this game that should have been there from the very beginning. Still, I would have liked the option to stay with a particular ship through out the whole leveling process, if I wanted to. The single most awesome thing about Star Trek Online though is... The playerbase! Most of you are very nice people, die hard fans with a passion for Star Trek that I don't even have. If it wasn't for you folks, this game would of flushed faster than a "Captain's Log" sitting on the event horizon of a super massive black hole.

STO can learn a lot from the Star Trek games of the past. Whether it's the Elite Force series, Bridge Commander, the StarFleet and Klingon Academy series, and the countless others out there. STO's promative engine, a staff that are barely qualified to develop for it, and a narrow-minded batch of decision makers will always hold this game back from what it could be.