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02-17-2013, 10:17 AM
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Twelve? You mean all 4 launchers proc'ing the doff reduction each time at least once or twice... the only timers that would get reduced to the point of firing again would be those of regular torpedoes (boff timers do not get reduced, only torp timers) since the heavy-by-default torps (harpeng/tric/bioneural/etc) have longer timers that wont get to be fired under 5 seconds...
Incorrect. All you would need is two procs per volley (out of a total of 12 rolls at 30% chance per volley), and Photons, Quantums and Plasma will fire on the torpedo GCD. Three procs per volley will put Transphasics and Chronitons on the GCD. Hargh's would need five procs (not at all an unreasonable occurance) to hit the GCD. Trics wouldn't hit the GCD unless you got 10 procs (unlikely, but not impossible). You're not taking into consideration the cumulative nature of PWOs, and the effect drastically increasing the number of times they get to roll.

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
... I don't see the problem with the launchers firing 2 buffed up torps and 2 regular torps and then 4 regular torps twice in 5 seconds. The damage from the regular torps really isn't much vs shields but would be nice, yet unbuffed, vs hulls.

Overall, it would be no different than a cannon rapid fire using 4 forward cannons...except shields drastically reduce the damage of torps.
Let me put something in perspective for you. I've critted, through shields, with basic photons for approaching 2k. That's with one torpedo console, a full loadout of tac buffs and the adapted Maco 2-piece. Swap in other torp types, additional consoles, the ambush bonus and you're looking at the capability of killing people through shields very easily.

What you're proposing is not a tenable idea, as much as my KDF toon would love to have it.