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02-17-2013, 09:43 AM
I did not read every single post in this thread. But I am frustrated with this change and just want to add my voice to the discussion.

I have played MMO's since 1994 and have played STO intermittently since open beta. And while developers have had to make unpopular decisions in all the games I have played in almost all cases it was handled better than this has been. I have seen a lot of very good suggestions posted in this thread and I really do hope some of them are considered and whatever is ultimately decided is implemented as quickly as possible.

I am in a very tiny fleet and have no interest in joining a larger fleet. I fully expected it to take years to reach the final tier of star base advancement. But with this change I do not see how we will continue to progress at all. Dilithium has rarely held up our advancement over the past months. As of late it has always been the marks to get filled last and at this moment all our fleet projects are holding on marks alone. I cant imagine we are the only small fleet in this predicament but perhaps we are due to our play style.