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Just updated my post, though this is becoming much longer than I anticipated.

Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
Loved it Of course, I'm curious as to Nair's species, and the class of the DaVinci but other than that, no other critique beyond it finished too damn soon

PS Welcome to the party
Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
I look forward to seeing the rest, and I am also interested in knowing about Nair's species.

In addition, I wanted to point out that from the start, he comes off as someone with a good head on his shoulders and sound command/management training, which I do not always see in fanfics (in any venue). That definitely caught my attention about him.

Thanks! In answer to your questions, I didn't name the ship's class (a Miranda) because I didn't see any need to in the context of the story. As for Nair's species, the Korda, I think I'll actually reveal little by little about them in further literary challenges.