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02-17-2013, 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by captshadowxv View Post
This game as change from when it first launch i will admit i have not been as active as i used to be since around season 5 i was here when it went live and it was fun back then even with all the bugs. Most of my friends i knew from then are now gone the fleet i am with has die out and i have no interest in changing fleets i am content to run around in my X and Vet ship.
As for the current up roar on this thread i will agree that it is all the problems people have had for a while with the game this just happen to break the camels back. The grind is crazy here and this game is now very alt unfriendly. I would agree with the posts i have read bring the fun back and start fixing things and odds are you will make more money.
thats the thing , they dont seem that interested in fixing stuff just adding new stuff that breaks other things that was not broke before . look at the cloak issue for instance