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*Idran System, Gamma Quadrant. The U.S.S. Excalibur, R.S.S. Republic, and R.S.S. Matthew Neilson are pursuing an Imperial Scout towards the Wormhole.

Excalibur Bridge.*

Forrester: Keep on them! Ready Quantum-phase torpedoes, full spread.

Tactical: Ready!

*Forrester sits on his chair.*

Forrester: Dispersal Pattern Sierra. Fire.

*The scout is ripped apart as the torpedoes phase into the hull and explode inside the ship.*

Comm Officer: Incoming hail from the Republic sir.

Forrester: Onscreen.

*Sam comes on the viewscreen, though her hair is clearly cut about 3 inches shorter now.*

Sam: Nice shooting Excalibur. If that Scout had warned DS9 about us--

Forrester: The Dominion would be embroiled in another war.

Sam: We're about to Jump back to Caspian IV. I'll see you when we come back this way again.

Forrester: Copy that. By the way, how's your new Science Officer working out?

Sam: Fine. Republic out.

*The Republic and the Matthew Neilson fold-jump to Caspian IV.

Republic Bridge.*

Sam: Dana, what ship is that alongside the Freedom?

*A Trill is manning the science station.*

Dana: It's not from the fleet. I can give you a shot of its Nacelle Registry.

*The Viewscreen shows the Black Phantom's nacelle registry and name plate.*

U.S.S. Black Phantom?

T'mar: Didn't expect to see them again.

Sam: Same here.

Republic to Matthew Neilson, are you seeing the ship parked next to the Freedom?

Matt *Over comm*: Confirmed. John spotted it as we emerged from the Fold-rift.

Sam: R.S.S. Republic to U.S.S. Freedom, permission to beam over?
Wax: Permission granted. We also found out what the virus is killing Fleet Admiral Allen..

We will inform you once you get here.