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*Suddenly, 2 flint-head arrows strike a Gorn in the upper spine, and he falls to the floor. A phaser beam knocks down another and the Republic prisoners pick up any weapons they can and turn to engage the Gorn. As the Federation Prisoners start to take aim on the Republic troops...*

Sanders: Hold your fire!

*Sanders runs through the Republic line and uses his shield to knock down the last Gorn. Hawk comes down from the rock he was aiming from.*

Federation Prisoner: Vanguard? What are you doing here?

Markon: They're here because I called them.

*Markon walks out of one of the tents.*

Sanders: Captain Markon, a pleasure to meet you finally.

Emris, my apologies for the unscheduled arrival.


*Daniel Mason drags one of the Republic prisoners forward.*

Daniel: He fired the first shot.

Sanders: Mitchell, I told you to keep the safety ON. If Hawk and I weren't here--!

Hawk: Go easy on him Cap.

Markon, we think the North Camp may have seen us moving. They're the reason these Gorn have been causing havoc in the badlands.

*He sees Jacob.*

Halsey! We managed to scrounge some metal plates and raw materials back at our camp. These people could certainly use your engineering genius.
Emris: Good to see you Markon.. Vanguard..

Dok: Markon how is your back doing? It was a challenging prospect putting all the bones back into place.