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I played STO at the beginning, quit about 11 months ago after PW took over. I had a lot of great stuff and a character that I got a lot of compliments on. Recently I was getting emails about this event that you could get new ships so I decided to install STO again. I did, only to find that none of my characters were on my account. I have only one account and I'm certain this is the correct one because I have a ticket history with the account.

After submitting a ticket to support I received a reply about four days later. I was told to make sure I was logging into the correct account, which I had been. I replied and told support it WAS the correct account and a few days later got another response instructing me to "Ensure you are logging into the correct account". I wrote back again, not all too happy instructing support to "Ensure you are reading my email because I am logging into the correct account but my characters are missing."

Well, some days later and now too late to participate in the special event, I get yet another email telling me if I can't find my login information, I can click some links to recover the information.

So all the months of playing and the dollars I spent on this game are washed down the drain. Perfect World has ruined any chance of my playing a game they are involved in ever again. Yes, maybe this is a rant, but how you treat paying customers goes a long way in my book. Customer support has no interest whatsoever in resolving a support issue. Three times giving the exact same reply which was not the issue shows a blatant lack of care for your clientele.

So I move on, eager to embark upon new space games. I love the Star Trek universe, but sadly, this game has failed to live up to its standards. My next quest awaits the upcoming epic game Star Citizen. You still have time to put in your pledge. With the looks of it, this game should be nothing less than spectacular and the best thing about it is, it won't be run by Perfect World.
Here's a story that should make you feel better. In a former life, I was a lifetime subscriber, the 399.00 kind. I had 9 toons, and bought everything Cryptic put in the then C-store, including stuff that was already beneath my level, in order to have a "complete" game. I was a "whale". As time went on, the correlation between Cryptic's substandard, production values, and my increasingly, critical outspokeness, became more pronounced. Cryptic retaliated firstly, by banning me from the forums, and then the blogs, and finally from the game itself. So much for a "lifetime" membership. Cryptic loves to hear your opinions as long as it isn't critical of their product. So be it, it was getting confusingly, tedious, managing that many toons anyway. I went back to basics, opened a F2P account. Brought a Sci up to LTC, only to find I couldn't slot any Boffs, on my LTC ship. Checked the forums, and found this bug first surfaced in November of last year, and was "officially" fixed, in a subsequent patch. Yeah, right. You know how that works. This bug has essentially, rendered the game, unplayable. But wait, there's a silver lining. Cryptic got the new screensaver, of the next ship they'd like you to buy, up on the server in time! Seriously. Long story short, I've already filed a report at the BBB. My attorney gets back from D.C. on Wednesday, not sure what recourse, if any, that I have. Cryptic took my money, and then gave me, a paying customer, the finger. So, IMHO, you're not missing much, if the experience can't be called the same as when you left, it's only gotten worse. Cryptic's continued reticence to fix the bugs, that up to this point, were simple annoyances, are now causing the game breakers to appear.

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