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02-17-2013, 10:18 AM
Originally Posted by tjexcimer500 View Post
Keep the customers happy; happy customers keep paying.
Make the customers unhappy; unhappy customers go somewhere else.

Here is what will keep us happy:
Forget the metrics that warn you that your year old additions to the game might be achieved this year by many gamers who worked diligently to obtain them; and instead concentrate on creating new missions and new content for us.

Eliminate the different marks - take the Omega/Romulan/FM and make just one mark.

Reduce the grind! Increase the fun!
Every mission, including the episodes should earn marks and dilithium. You've already created some awesome missions - which can be played by a fleet (that's what my fleet does) - if you truly want us to have more and less grind - give us marks/dilithium for completing them.

In short - give us more across the game grid.

We are your customers. We are the ones spending our money for the product you produce. We are not metrics.

Improve the product and improve your income.

I agree with this.. this is what I feel STO has lost. It is just to much grind, .. I don't mind the idea of the reputation system.. but the cost are really HIGH. I struggle a lot with this. I am not to happy with grinding,.. this is not why I joined STO. I joined STO to be a Starfleet Officer and do experience a story (episodes). STF and other can be a nice side activity but should not be what STF is all about.. which it is at the moment.