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02-17-2013, 10:21 AM
As much as I love star trek and the memories the universe brought to me as a child and teen, this game has in many ways butchered that memory.

If it wasn't my love for the universe I might not even be playing it as I have left like many other mmos over the years that have done similar things in management(note not hte first time I have walked away from STO before).

All of them I might add ended up closing out to poor management and corporate greed in the end very much like this game is doing.
I won't get into the details but I have seen much added since beta but outside of the once in a blue moon featured episodes added every 6 months or so most of the additions t the game have been nerfs or new grinds.

The continue desire to make this heavier in grind is just another reason I think I am going to move on for the time being, but if history is any lesson this games life span won't outlive the errors that the management and PWE of this game are taking it.

Like any other star trek fans I hate to see this game go but at the same time I am tired of the nerfs, and with the constant effort to even try to get end game gear.

To think less then two weeks ago I finally got two of my mains to join a tier 3 starbase just to have the rug pull from out of me with another nerf is about the last straw I will have for the time being .

Seeing as the game lack of content was already a issue to go and make foundry missions even far more undesirable instead of more desirable with this move is just another example of greed and forced vision overriding common sense from a happy customer standpoint.

I wish STO the best of luck but for the time being I am going to watch from the side lines to see if the developers get a hint as me logging in does nothing to make it clear me and many others like me are very unhappy.