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02-17-2013, 11:32 AM
i have both vo'quv flavors and prefer the default, with the mirror look of course!

the extra sci slot allows me he1 and 2, sci team 1 (FU SUBNUC HIROGEN/CARDASSIANS), energy siphon/tykens rift/grav well. i'm finding that with plasmonic leech console, energy siphon and tykens rift, -power proc from polarized disruptor beams and sub system targeting when faw is on cd i can severely hamper a tac cube while keeping all of my power levels at between 75 and 90. i have epts, eng team 2 and dem on the engineer with tac team, torp spread and beam fire at will (changes to tac team, apb and canon scatter volley if i'm using all turrets). combines with polarized disruptor beams and the ferengi rocket launcher it's pretty good for general purpose. the rocket launcher will be swapped out when i have the borg rep 2 piece - 6 beams are too much of a power hog on a tac captain.

for ise and cse where the borg are very predictable i swap to turrets with two polarized disruptor dbb's in front.

over the course of several ise and cse i swapped between the kar'fi with advanced frigates, and my basic vo'quv. even though the kar'fi has another tac console and another weapon slot, the vo'quv always oud dps's it. why?

avg frigates parse - 1700 dps

avg adv b'rotlh bop parse - 3900 dps

and my vo'quv can survive two consecutive invisitorps (barely)