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02-17-2013, 10:35 AM
for the most part i think it's more of a comment on the poor loot drops in general. I'v ebeen max level for about two years, and i still manage to get more Mk X drops than anything. Even on the final episodes of any story arc minus a few of the featured episodes, the rewards have really been nothing but a disappointment. My ship and crew are decked out in mostly MK XII very rare (a lot of the consoles benefit isn't worth their cost) so getting anything under MK XI rare just seems like credit fodder. I rarely see any Mk XII drops and even in elite stfs i'm still seeing a lot of Mk X gear. Playing on elite in general seems to give me nothing but food and batteries as well which defeats the purpose.

To be honest, i've stopped playing regular content simply because it's not rewarding at all.