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Originally Posted by trellabor View Post
No, there are a lot of constructive posts outlining ways to make the game more enjoyable without leaving it open to exploitation and there is clearly an issue as even Mr. Stahl's own data shows this to be the case. They knowingly created the shortage of Fleet Marks. This is indefensible. It makes 0 sense whatsoever as I pointed out(and have many others) quite a few pages ago the decisions made/pointed out in Dan's post make no benefit to anyone at all, period - not even from a profit standpoint. Make a valid argument to the contrary, if you can.

I do agree Fleet bases need some sort of 'reason' to be in existence at all....maybe have 'sieges' that can take place on your Fleet's star base system, say during Wednesday, Friday or Saturday at a specific hour in the evening or something. Everyone knows it's coming so you could plan a group for it and then when it goes live you are engaging in defense of your own Fleet's base in the star base system itself. Fleet Marks can be given out along with regular drops, DIL, and maybe there could be the 'big boss' of the siege can have a chance to drop a Fleet level piece of gear at the end. The FM reward could scale based on placing, i.e. 1st is 100 FM's, 2nd is 75 FM's, 3rd 50 FM's and every other place below gets at least 25 FM's plus the DIL reward, etc...combine this with upping the rewards for the already in place Fleet events and on a weekly basis could still do really well for Fleet Marks and be playing 'in a group' for them at least until we get some better/newer instances rewarding them.

What a great idea! This would help in several ways...

A) Provide an enviroment for the Fleets to have some really good PvP and get the members looking forward to some good old FUN again!

B) Provide a reason to be at the Starbases that the Fleets have spent some much time and money on.

C) Get more players interested in doing things as a Fleet that are FUN!

D) Generate interest in getting the top qear, weapons, and ships to defend your Fleet's Honor!

All of the about should give the exec's at PWE and Cryptic some insight into what their customers (aka the Players) are looking for as well as provide a new avenue to generate more profit without making it into "grinding on a farm"!

PWE/Cryptic Stop the grind, bring back the fun!

Golly look what I got! Now I can collect game metrics properly and adjust the content correctly!

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