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02-17-2013, 11:52 AM
it's just BOP jelousy...

You see, your average fed see's a Bird of Prey and thier mind goes "wow, what a kool looking ship.." then they realize that the BOP is not a fed ship.

and when they realize that a well handled BOP is every bit as deadly as it is visually stunning, with... they turn into 9 year olds having a bad day. 9 year olds, with overly indulgent parents. Unfortunatly Daddy Stahl, and Moma "Geko" Rivera just refuse to make the BOP any easier of an opponent for them. They have to dig into the data base of exploits cheats and hacks to win.. or learn the games combat systems... and... how to fight thier ships. And they have to learn the ships...

When ever I feel I need to be entertained I go read the fed ship forums and such with the constant threads of This ship is OP, or that ship is OP, buff/nerf some particular class of ship, and my favorite "WHAT SHIP IS BEST?" (now personally I have a thing for KDF battlecruisers, but thats just me.)

Eventually they either learn, or go find another game to play.

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