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Markon: It is doing fine, Doctor.

Hawk: Aren't you Klingons supposed to kill yourselves when taken prisoner?

Markon: Only when there are no enemies left to fight!

Sanders: Or hope of escape?

Markon: Precisely.

*A howl sounds out across the desert.*

Warriguls. Emris, you should place an extra sentry on guard.

Where Warriguls are the Romulan Raiding parties aren't far behind.

Sanders: Do you have a power node I can use? I've had to use my shield sparingly due to the lack of any civilisation here.

Markon: There is one in the Replicator tent.

Sanders: You have a Replicator?

Markon: A large number of my people find a crashed Romulan Shuttle a month after I arrived. They are not to pleased with us borrowing the Replicators we found inside, nor with us giving one to Emris' people.


*Markon leads Sanders into the Replicator tent as Hawk turns to Daniel.*

Hawk: Sir?

Daniel: Keep an eye open. I'll speak with you later.

Hawk: Understood.

*Hawk walks back up to the rock. Daniel turns to Emris.*

Daniel: Those weren't the only Gorn tracking us. They've become organised. I hear they have a "King" organising raids on everyone up on the south-eastern ridge.
Emris: *Smirks and starts giving out commands in Federation battle signals. Sending out more guards.*