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02-17-2013, 11:30 AM
It's unusual for me to post on the forums but it shows the amount of negative emotions I got when I saw all trico damage has been halved.
Yes, I do use tricobalt in STFs, no overuse though. Torp + mine bomber runs on a beam tank cruiser. Until the last changes everything was fine, slow cooldown corresponded perfectly with high damage. Now with the halved damage they are totally useless for the bomber run maneuvers, because I loose much more damage while turning the cruiser to perform another run.
You know what? I've changed back to transphasics, a transphasic cluster torp in my case now does more damage than a trico mine.

And please, don't feel pity, I wouldn't appreciate. If you had almost all clanmates in the different timezone or if you ever waited for the clan to go raiding for an hour you'd understand why people engage elites through PUGs. Some people choose trico not because of it's easiness or huge boom it makes but of reason they have ships built to be Enola Gay descendants for nothing else can do dps for a cruiser in STO. Having tricobalt nerfed is having strategic bombers of elites nerfed. And having something strategic in a PUG is a way to victory.