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To be honest... I play both Fed and KDF. I've found that for PVP MOST of the time... KDF is more fun due to the built in cloaks and battle cloaks. However... I do quite well on my Fed Engineer(my true main) and have no problems with Alpha strikes taking me out because I know how to play my setup and how to get the most out of it. Here's a tip for Fed players...
Science ships aren't weak... don't think they are... you're absolutely wrong. Subspace Jumper console is a GODSEND for PVP. Keeping Tactical Team up at all times is also a must... someone decloaks and alpha strikes you? They have to get through your absurb shield capacity x4 thanks to Tac Team. If you get hit REAL hard... Subspace Jump and Photonic Shockwave and Tractor Beam.... you just ended their Alpha Strike quite well. Birds of Prey don't have any true advantage persay when you know how to build your ship properly. I highly recommend doing some research about abilities and how they can be used both offensively and defensively. One last tip: Energy Siphon isn't so much a power drain from your enemy... but a power buff for you... use it like so.