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02-17-2013, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by litchy74 View Post
Playing kerrat last night just getting my fed 10 had this one fed player in a lifer ship which I killed 6 times, pretty much one shooting on the alpha decloak.

Whats a "Lifership"? To my knowlege there is no ship restricted to lifers.

He/she starts saying that I'm the problem with the game and the klinks make it no fun.
At which point I pm him/her saying its nothing personal but the ship he's in has weak shield and he's/she's slow to react to my bop doing an alpha strike on him.

Poor playstyle, but thats really not your fault.

Just wondering if anyone else is getting stick from the Feds in kerrat when they go boom!

Getting stick?
And before you go ahead and gloat too much, you might want to dig around the forums a little... There are significantly more KDF than Feds crying over Ker'rat.
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