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02-17-2013, 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by arnthebard View Post
Well let's be honest about a few things here.... as a Fed Sci ship captain of an Intrepid

1st- Klingons have superior ships with better turning radius and the battle cloak

2nd-Klingons can now push a button eliminating ALL space hazards.

3rd-Klingons have OP equipment like the plasmonic leech and the aceton assimilator ect...

4th- They nerfed scramble sensors so that the opponent can continue to fire on you instead of firing at his/her own faction.

5th-With the last patch Engineering Team 1 now clears Viral Matrix 3 so there is no way to placate a Klingon ship or thier massive spawns

The game has changed so much in the last year and there is no balance anymore so go ahead and yuk it up 19 klinks shooting a poor Fed.
The voice of truth! Bravo!
I would also add the KDF vessels can mount DHC...
The problem is our Cruisers suck and I see too many brave but ingenuous Fed Tac Captains fight in vain with all their might to improve their weak DPS.
We all want to be Kirk and this damned game make it impossible!
K D F - Killing Disadvantaged Feds
K D F - The evul way to play Sto

Adm. Marcus orders: Punish the evul Klinguns! Punish the evul HOBOs! And nuclearize Qo'nos once and for all!