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02-17-2013, 12:21 PM
Originally Posted by chicochavez View Post
Hmm, seems you've missed the whole "Foundry War" thing that's been going on for the past month. You're probably better off. At this point the IOR has been removed, now all missions that meet the basic qualifications as before will give out Dilithium based on their length, though its still up to debate whether it is average time for the mission or the players specific time.
It was only in the last week, chico. Anyway, the synopsis of the whole "foundry war" debacle that chico mentioned is that the Investigate Officer Reports wrapper has been removed in the latest patch. I think this removal has upset a lot more people than the whole dilithium removal. because of the fact that they were playing the foundry just for the marks. The dilithium is still there, just as an automatic reward as chico has said.

I'll read your feedback a bit later. Thanks for doing it by the way!