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# 1 Engineer in a science ship
02-17-2013, 12:28 PM
Long story short: I'm an engineer with a cruiser and want to plunge my hands into a fleet science ship. I haven't done PvP in over 2 years, and whatever PvP skill hasn't rusted out in me is meant mainly for cruiser and watching them scream in agony as they can't break me; however that is now changed.

I suppose what I'm requesting is some basic pointers on how to equip an egi. char. science ship for PvP that would be less than useless in dealing damage and on the other side be able to hold my own against a ship or two, providing a distraction while my team does their work etc. etc... you know how it is, tactics, plotting, scheming, backstabbing...

So a link you could refer me to, point out to another forum post, anything would a appreciated!