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Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
replaying story missions give like 1/3 of the first time exp, so try not to replay story missions.

Like i suggested just wander around the sector maps and visit planets, most will offer a side mission that yields a decent amount of exp.

The only other way to gain exp is just to play through story missions normally.

As for money making, there will be guides in the forums you can search for, but the main ones that come to mind

-play the doff game, Duty officer system can be lucrative if you know what missions to take (again refer to a guide on the forums)

-selling strange alien artifacts (see the doff guides for more info)

-Buying things with zen like master keys/fleet mods', but that costs real life money, or diltihium using the exchange
haha thanks, yea i saw people seeling fleet module and master keys for EC. hmm you think it's worth it ? >.> like 5$ for 1 mil ish...