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Just updated my post, though this is becoming much longer than I anticipated. Thanks! In answer to your questions, I didn't name the ship's class (a Miranda) because I didn't see any need to in the context of the story. As for Nair's species, the Korda, I think I'll actually reveal little by little about them in further literary challenges.
Excellent update, and the description of New York really brought to life the environment to life, it was like being there As for the class of the ship, I guess it just helps me to build a mental map of who's sitting where Definitely looking forwards to reading more about the Korda in future LCs

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I feel somewhat guilty for just puking the entire thing up in a clump, but once I got started I really wanted to see a resolution. Can you tell I just finished reading The Time Machine?
I was actually more thinking of the end of AI, rather than the Time Machine, but it was a fantastic entry, it would be good to be able to see what Mnemophage looked like