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Originally Posted by kitsunesnout View Post
I had romulan torps for smashing hulks fastest, but coincidentally after that a match between cats was called, I then switched to just acc3x purple plasma torps at some point during that since romulan torps can almost never reach their target in that case. Stacked plasma fires is my main damage that is sometimes good through shields. I am more of a heal boat that is useful in a team than a damage dealer, and of course, well timed virals DO make a difference if an escort doesn't have a means to clear it and ends up stalled with engines power lost. Just depends who it's used against and when.
The plasma fires don't do much against fellow players because most shields have a plasma resist. And Hazard emitters, etc. Borg have a built-in resist to plasma too. I don't often see many B'rel heal boats. And the Viral completely disabled my ship for a good 5 or so seconds. You just couldn't do enough damage to make use of it. Might wanna switch to a Transphasic B'rel Torp build. Those can be nasty in PVP and PVE if kitted right. Especially with the clusters and two piece Breen set.
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