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# 26 1100 day vet rewards
02-17-2013, 01:34 PM
I already got my 1100 day vet rewards. A Guramba Siege destroyer perk that makes me come out of siege mode whenever Eng. Team is applied, either by me or someone else.

Bridge officers you can only slot if you transwarp to starbase system, got to bridge, hop in your shuttle, and sacrifice a chicken.

I got a bonus on my 1000 day vet reward as well. My chimera will usually, but not always (it's a special surprise, you see) not be able to come out of Tactical mode.

I got special chat perks as well. When I change toons, I have to click 3 different things to get my fleet channel back.

I got a special invisible except for eyes and ears rumulan boff that I paid good dil/fleet cred for. He's useful and creepy.

Oh, I also got a special STF bonus ability! I can, at random, make all my abilities and weapons go on a 2 minute cooldown by pressing a special key combination. Not sure what it is, cuz it's a super secret stealth perk.

And finally, as an 1100 day vet, I can go to Andoria, beam to the surface, and talk to NPC's who tell me about a duelling system that has not been implemented for at least 1100 days.

Who says being a gold member and paying $14.99 a month for over 3 years doesn't have it's perks?!?