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# 1 The Kar'Fi and upgrades...
02-17-2013, 01:42 PM
I was taking the time...thinking about stuff...thinking about KDF carriers and all.

Thinking about the Vo'Quv...she is a hearty tank/support ship...lots of sci abilities which can support, heal, or help tank...along with a lt cmdr eng. She has the strongest hull of any playable ship. Has powerful fighters in the BoPs which we will see only get stronger when the fleet version comes.

Then there is the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought...she is heavy...almost as strong a hull as the Vo'Quv. Definitely won't get the same level of support from it as the Vo'Quv but can do some decent things with a lt cmdr eng and a ens and lt sci. She could make a decent tank and such. But unlike the Vo'Quv she can pack a punch with 4 tac consoles, a cmdr and lt tac, and a fourth forward weapon slot.

Then we have the Kar'Fi...she used to be the *tactical* carrier. She has a extra forward weapon slot and tac console above the Vo'Quv...not to mention a lt tac and definitely a bit more agile than though not overwhelmingly. For this she gave up a nice chunk of hull and lost the SST that all other full carriers enjoy. Her fighter options were unique and could be fun with the likes of the Firgates...they weren't the highest damage but they have some nice support abilities. I don't know if the tricobalt nerf affected the Frigates mines and torps, since I haven't flown mine in a while but if they are affected this hurts the ship even more.

What I'm here to say isn't it time the Kar'Fi got some love? I'm not saying it should have the hull strength of the two other carriers above...but doesn't it deserve something?

What I'm thinking is maybe give the Kar'Fi SST and a fleet version, a little more hull above the 10% would be nice but its not required. I know a while back I said I kinda wish it would get a third Eng console slot...but no matter which gets the +1 I would love to see her get some love!