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02-17-2013, 01:47 PM
Sorry for the following wordiness, but here are some various issues that we have run into as a Fleet that we would like to see addressed, and brevity would lose something:

Short Term
Fleet News:
As it currently operates, the Fleet News feature is close to useless. It queues useless highlights, such as what boff has been promoted. Mind you, not even which fleet member promoted it or what it was promoted to, but only that a boff somewhere was promoted and so many times that useful info is pushed off the queue. Useful Fleet News to list would include what Fleet member queued what Fleet Project, or created what Fleet Event, etc. - basically, something pertinent to Fleet activities.

Additionally, having more than one page of News items would be useful if the queue gets too long. Or allowing high rank fleet members - or even just fleet leaders - the ability to select what is newsworthy for the fleet.

Mid Term
Fleet Events:
A little bit better event creation panel that has event type selection option for choosing what Fleet activity (stf/mission/scenario) to schedule. Events then could begin as scheduled with all the appropriate features planned out ahead.

The type of event could even be listed on the Fleet window front page for members to instantly see.

Also, the RSVP button would not be amiss on the event listed on the front page.

Fleet Projects:
There needs to be some way to guarantee that any given member could contribute a certain percentage to a fleet project. The fleet I am in is having problems with certain members starting special projects and filling most of the "easy stuff" right away.

Without having a report on who starts what, it is difficult to regulate that. In lieu of that, how about a cool-down timer (of sorts), in which the contributing member will only be allowed to supply a certain percentage of the projects based on the size of the fleet?

Another suggestion was that the project could be initiated by the member, but doesn't immediately become active for accepting contributions. This would allow for everyone in the fleet to have a fair chance to see what's coming up and when. Alternatively (and would possibly be more feasible), the project queue could be visible to members above a certain rank (like established members, and not those recently added to the fleet). Ranked fleet members would see the next upcoming project, even if they could not select it.

The aim is not to prevent fleet progression, but to balance it with who gets credit for contributing.

One suggestion from a fleet member was to limit the amount of 'x item' that each fleet member could contribute to each project per day/week/etc.

Long Term
Fleet Foundry Missions gateways:
Make the Fleet Starbases capable of launch points and/or way points for Foundry missions. This would make Starbases more of a hub and busy with Fleet member activity.

Fleet starbase/Embassy missions:
Make Fleet specific missions (apart from Watch Officer or the implied upcoming interfleet Starbase space engagements) with special/unique Fleet rewards on completion. These could be similar to STFs, for instance, with repelling boarding parties, hazard containment missions, prisoner transfer escape attempts, etc. Such missions would be ideal for RP action on the Fleet starbase.


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