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02-17-2013, 02:12 PM
Two of my most memorable space battles were in Kerrat, and even though I mainly play the red side these battles happened on those rare times I played my Fed toon. These battles weren't memorable because I won or got more kills, I got my tail kicked in both of them, but for the fun I had fighting them.

1st Battle - I was in a Cruiser and my teammate had a Sci vessel. We were matched against 3 BoP's. The BoP's would swoop in decloak tear up our shields then be gone before we even knew what happened. We would fight them off time and again, if one of us went down the other quickly followed. Sometimes we would kill one or two of them and drive the others away sometimes we would be space debris. It was a hell of a lot of fun and I enjoyed watching the skills of those BoP pilots.

2nd Battle - I was in an escort by myself and matched against 2 BoP's, it was one of those times in Kerrat when there weren't hardly anyone there. I flew around never knowing where they were at and from what direction they would come from, it gave it a horror movie quality with the same jumpiness involved when they would decloak and shred me. Every once in awhile I would catch one but most of the time I spent respawning which like true warriros they allowed me to do without dishonoring themselves by spawn killing. I believe this is the most fun I ever had in Kerrat and I lost badly.

To those who whine about Kerrat, its not always about winning but the fun of the battle.