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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
lol, i fail to see how playing a game and upgrading gear is so elitist. Also, if you havent even upgraded your galaxy to a fleet version you are a failbob anyway and anything said beyond this is a waste of my time.

also looking further through the responses of this thread it becomes crystal clear why PUG grps fail beyond the casual infected space elite. The playerbase in this game is so much anti progression and "elitist" that 80% of the players are so casual that even the simplest group interaction becomes undoable or a desaster. Starts at the choice of ships and the build for it at which most players fail completely.
The other 20% that have still half a brain and actually use it when building a ship setup, dominate the rest of the playerbase so hard that they have to call them elitists, P2W person or even cheaters to justify their incredible failing at task as simple as building a functioning and competitive ship.
It is naturally much easier to maintain a certain ignorance for changes in a game, than to adapt to new situations/content.
This brings me directly to the next point, which is the insane amount of whining of players in this game. And that is in direct connection with the playerbase being unable for the most part to build skilltrees and ships. And to actually see people that refuse to get better ships, or even deny that those ships are better, but still complain about how weak their ships are is incredible. No, insane actually.

Get a competitive ship (any 10 console ship will do) and stop braging about how much of a fanboy you are. It does not impress me.
Actually, I suspect that PUGs, at least the ones you have played in, fail because people refuse to listen to pigheaded "wannabe-Fleet Commanders" like yourself. Perhaps try to understand their point of view?

I agree, the playerbase does brand people who are doing well in this game as "cheaters" and "pouring money into the game". And they shouldn't, because each person takes a different measure of value from this game. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy this game, - it is simply up to each person, and no one should criticize others for that.

The whining is because said people aren't capable (yet?) of asking around or searching on this forum for better skill trees and builds and ships. Those of us who have gotten the swing of it shouldn't put them down either - they are simply lamenting about the fact that they haven't understood it (yet), and they are not at fault.

And about getting a relative ship. The Fleet Galaxy is still outperformed by other cruisers in terms of tanking ability. It is not really competitive, which is the point of this thread.

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