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I'm not sure if this is a bug, an oversight, a mistake or something else, so I thought I'd post anyway and see what, if any, feedback and replies I get.

After the maintenance/patch on Feb 14th the level requirements for the "Temporal Ambassador" mission were changed from the original Level 6 Fed / Level 22 KDF requirement to the new Level 25 requirement.

However, any character who had completed the mission prior to the maintenance can quite simply repeat the mission without any trouble, irrespective of their level. Yet any new characters or characters who missed out for whatever reason can no longer acquire the mission and will therefore miss out on the free ships and "uniform"!

Now, just to be clear and honest, yes, I do have a character that missed out on the "Temporal Ambassador" mission. I was able to complete the mission with 6 of my 7 characters, unfortunately the 7th missed out due to Cryptic's poorly planned maintenance. If I'd had just one more hour before that maintenance my 7th character would also have completed the mission but it seems that's not going to happen now.

If I can replay the "Temporal Ambassador" mission with a lvl 6 Captain I should be able to play the mission for the first time with a lvl 6 Captain. That's where I believe something has gone wrong and is why I'm posting this.