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Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
And before you go ahead and gloat too much, you might want to dig around the forums a little... There are significantly more KDF than Feds crying over Ker'rat.
I haven't actually gone that much through forums, so I might be wrong, but I suspect the KDF ones mostly whined about respawn farming.

When I think of that, I had the funniest encounter few weeks ago with respawn farming. I pulled in the Tactical Bortasqu' and there were four ships farming, but i had the lol moment as 2 were straight infront of me. Needles to say those 2 were instantly slapped on the Cube and not long after the other two were sent there to scrape them off. I think they expected a BoP and had "Oh ****!" moment.
Then one of them was quite persistent of buzzing around me and trying to blow me up 1 on 1 without the others (they were caught up fighting other KDF) with a Star Cruiser.

Anyway my point was that because the Fed. starts at level 1, and therefore has much more players, you can expect their number of unexperienced or ignorant players to be larger. And those who don't understand the game mechanics are the ones that usually whine.
Remember, every one of us was a noob in his/hers own time.
But this is nothing we should generalize around, I for one had my share of lolz with the Galaxy of all ships against confused & inexperienced KDF. Comes back to the person, not the whole faction. And even that person can learn and then it's payback time.

P.S. I believe the other player ment the 1000 day veteran ship (Chimaera/Peghgu') as it is for now only availible for veterans & lifetime subscribers.
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