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02-17-2013, 03:20 PM
hmmm. if i remember/surmise correctly (mostly from remembering voyager), wouldn't a hologram's program, beyond it's generic qualities (including all they've learned/mannerisms they've developed/other individual qualities) be a distinct, uncopiable package? hence why the doctor wore his portable emitter and wasn't able to be both in sickbay AND wherever the portable emitter was at the same time?

thus, you could copy an EMH, and all his stock medical knowledge, but not be able to replicate the creativity that leads to, for example, writing a book. EMH2 would have to develop that, or not, long as he remained on and unwiped long enough to do so.

also, looking forward to the andorian escort(s?). more ship(s?) to add to Asano's personal dockyard in orbit around Io.