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02-17-2013, 03:43 PM
First off let me say that the person you're talking about, beyond being a Community Moderator, isn't affiliated with Cryptic or PWE as he states in his sig.

Secondly I attempted a playthrough of your mission the other night, your plot meanders and is inconsistent within itself. A prime example is that you start by referring to the Undine as Species 8472 then seemingly randomly switch to Undine halfway through the mission.

Also on your comment of you can't create detailed maps in the Foundry, I direct you too Keeping up with the J'Sens by Castmodean, it's a spotlighted mission making it easier for you to find.

The maps entire 3 indoor sections onboard the Freighter were made by hand by Castmodean and are incredibly detailed and well done even if the lack of map makes it difficult to see how to get to your objectives.

Try reading the tutorials on about making custom interiors if you want to find out how these are done.