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# 21 Cryptic, take note...
10-06-2009, 09:22 AM
I just hope they don't wait too much longer to launch the closed beta. I'm sure many will dismiss this, but the latter half of November and December is a tough time for people to focus on gaming due to holiday commitments. People are traveling, doing holiday shopping, etc; not really the ideal time to expect your closed beta testers to pound on STO to find the bugs and report them so we can have a smooth launch.

I would suggest that the best-case scenario would be: closed beta starting before end of October and running through mid-January; open beta from then through Mid-February, then launch. It matches the 1st-quarter 2010 launch that Cryptic is aiming for and allows plenty of time for productive closed-beta and open-beta periods. True, the closed beta would still fall during those busy months I mentioned, but at least there would be some time before the holiday crunch that people can spend testing.