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02-17-2013, 03:58 PM
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Fantastic entry, the format was perfect, and it was fun to read something which was neither log entry nor story, so top marks on that one Only one slight point, and I may have missed it, was that I didn't see a note stating that Johnson had re-entered the room. But other than that, spot on As GulBerat pointed out, Johnson was quite a dislikable bigot, so amusing to think that he's going to wind up going off the deep end, a bit like the unfortunate Captain Braxton
There should have been and i thought there was, but i must have missed putting it in. And yeah, if i knew the limit per post, i would have loved to add in more of a "did A happen because of B or did B happen Because of A" theme as well as go into more of what happened to make Johnson act out. I'll probably edit my personal copy of it to flesh it out better.