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02-17-2013, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
Well, Wraith, you definitely took my challenge to write dialogue and ran with it!

I could hear the tone of everybody in that room just perfectly (and as individual, distinct personalities), and I think my favorite moment was Wraith finally asking what I'm sure every reader must've had on their mind: how that virulently racist, maladjusted Johnson actually had a job.

I wonder if the evidence of this stunt will get Johnson fired? Which will then lead to his going rogue, which will set up the whole causality loop...
Thank you, it was a great suggestion as i said earlier because it made me think out side of the box a bit more. Had i had more space i'd have definitely written more into that and WHY johnson was acting the way he did. (that would have been more of them first boarding the ship as well as the first telling of the story)