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02-17-2013, 04:10 PM
on my fed i have the jem dread. on my klink i have both flavors of teh vo'quv and the kar'fi

all three ships when you don't count pets are competitive dps wise and will do similiar dps under similiar circumstances and setups. it will be jem > kar > vo due to tac consoles for most stuff, but not by a massive margin even with that.

what sets them apart are the carrier pets, and unless you also have the jhas the vo'quv wins hands down. the kar'fi sku fighters and fer'jei frigates can't touch the b'rotlh bop's in sheer damage both burst and dps. the jem can't use either and i have yet to see a parse of the jhas.

from my parsing over a couple of days, fer'jei frigates average 1.7k dps on their own. b'rotlh average 3.9k. this alone is more than equal to another ewapon slot and two tac consoles assuming you aren't without all 4 for an extended period. of all of the carrier pets, only the b'rotlh will solo a borg cube on elite with no help from you needed and kill it quickly.

feds have jack-all for carrier pets.

none of my chars are t5 romluan so i dont have elite scorps to parse

IF they were to beef up the offensive capability of teh vo'quv it would be pretty op in pve (note: i dont pvp. i was doing a warzone daily and ate an 81.5k quantum torpedo crit from a fed tac. how many of you have a combined hull and shield of 81.5k? pvp is broken in this game).

the fer'jei frigates are still not favoring their forward arc, hardly ever use aceton beam and the nerf to tricobalt damage hurt them as well. they use their ap dhc's only 10% of the frequency that the b'rotlh do on average, and their ap turret does teh same dmg shot per shot as the disruptor versions on the b'rotlh which should not be the case - they are antiproton.