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Originally Posted by zix74itaelite View Post
As far as I'm concerned JJ Abrahams is an ENEMY OF THE EMPIRE
oh please.

this mentality is so hipster i don't even know where to start.

look at the state of Trek in media since the end of DS9. look at how horrible generations, insurrection and nemesis were. look at the over-reliance on time travel Enterprise had.

or maybe you guys have forgotten how horrible star trek V was? shall we sing some row row row your boat to help you remember? or perhaps how horribly drawn out and boring star trek the motion picture was? the only epic trek was khan, and this was due to an excellent story that delved into very human aspects.

Trek was failing. JJ reinvigorated it, modernized it. although i was disappointed it was yet another freaking time travel story, the result was well done entertaining movie and a great jumping off point to reboot the franchise for moviegoers.

trek was failing. it wasn't jar-jar binks, but i was surprised the scimitar fight didn't happen over a forest moon filled with feral tellarites who helped the enterprise crew subdue shinzon's ground forces with rocks and logs. the franchise was teetering.