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02-17-2013, 04:39 PM
It is my own observation that there are two kind of players at Ker'rat, those that, after the initial group-respawn don't camp the spawn, and those that, if there are enough of their faction present, will spend the entire instance camping the spawn point hoping to gank players before their controls unlock.

From play on BOTH sides (Fed and Klink) I have to state this observed behaviour;

Feds are most often in the second group-after the initial group spawn, it's FEDS that set up a cordon with mines and warp plasma to 'git' anyone dumb enough to hit "restart." I actually ran a few experiments, (as in more than once) observing how long it takes the average fedball to move on when they don't have klingon targets.

Takes about an hour-or until the instance restarts enough times that the numbers balance shifts away from them.

After the initial 'break' (where, tbh, everyone's firing at close range and nobody's holding back), it is VERY rare for Feds to NOT try to camp the spawn-point if they have enough guys.

at least most Klinks will let you start your engines before applying GW3 and EWP, Tractor holds, Tric mines and BO/target subsystem/Torp spread, and most of the time een a Klink in a Kruiser isn't laying mines on the spawn-this might have something to do with the blue side's respawn moving to the other end of the map, of course...
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