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02-17-2013, 05:59 PM
Meh, there are plenty of places in STO for carebears to grind/lvl their characters. Kerrat is like the one place where your not 100% safe. I spend most of my time attacking whoever I see. When I don't see anything I'll go after borg stuff. Its not like there is a penalty for dying. I can't loot your dead corpse like some other games. I do this with both KDF and Fed characters. I think of Kerrat as a good place to make sure my toon is equipped correctly by being able to respond to unexpected events like getting jumped by BoPs. I'm also usually waiting in queue for pvp action and if you want to complain about gankers, then feds need need to queue up in pvp.

Now I try not to attack anyone in spawn until they move aggresively after the initial furball. In fact I try to move away from the intial furball. But I'm not perfect, I have moments Also if you pulled a cube solo thats your problem, not mine. Its not my job to keep the carebears safe and cozy.