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02-17-2013, 05:51 PM
Look this argument of 'oh i can get it from the cstore at any time' is garbage. Once you have a tier 5 fleet ship you use it and you keep it. Across characters in an account? Thats also irrelevant as you can't come and say its a 'feature' when most accounts hardly have more than 2 KDF characters and of those chances are only one of them can fly the b'rel (skillpoint/boff templates, etc).

The point remains: The UNIQUE capability of the ship is being given away in the fleet version and those that have the cstore end up paying more to get the fleet version than someone who never bought the cstore version and just gets the fleet.

The cstore version needs something to make it worthy of still being purchased in the cstore. A console/device that works along the enhanced cloak is the only thing that will do it.