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# 1 Does no one talk?
02-17-2013, 06:53 PM
edit: to clarify, this is about asking in-game with not one person replying. I did do the bridge trick which worked. I still do not see anyone talking outside of the special channel I joined I found on STOwiki.

So I get the boff bug after gaining Lt Comdr, get in my other ship, and figure hey I will go to another sector like I have seen people talking in zone chat.

Two sectors crossed and going down to Memory Alpha and still I can not get them in. I even tried relogging.

I asked in space, and I asked on the planet in zone chat and no one single reply to even if anyone can see chat/is alive.

I thought I used to see a lot of chat on the Earth star base but for some reason it is dead silent.

I rechecked my chat and zone, etc are all checked.

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